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Eddie is your personal writing and research assistant on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

With Eddie's auto saving feature and the realtime database you will never need to worry about saving or having the latest version of your work on any of your devices.

Use 'Eddie Assistant' with a single tap on the Eddie brush icon to quickly access the definition of words you have selected, the built in web browser for more efficient research and to view pin points on a map of the currently selected address or location.

You will always know how many words or characters you have written with Eddie’s Live Counter that updates as you type or highlight any of your sentences and paragraphs to view the word and character count for just your selection.

Find the word, sentence, paragraph or document that you are looking for with the new Eddie Search. Eddie Search uses a unique method to find the contents of a phrase instead of exact word matching to help you find exactly what you require. Eddie Search also searches both within the current document as well as the text across all of your documents, speeding up your discovery process with just a single search box.

Take hands free notes with Eddie for Apple Watch, ideal for making shopping lists, taking notes or jotting down ideas whilst on the go. Documents created or edited on your Apple Watch will sync back to all of your other Eddie compatible devices for further editing or sharing.

Format your Eddie documents with the new formatting tools. Choose to make your selected text a Title, Header or Body and change the text color to make certain parts stand out for future reference or to let you know paragraphs that may still need a little work.

Sharing documents with Eddie is simple with the Eddie iMessage App. The Eddie iMessage App lists all of your documents, allowing you to share them with just a single tap. You can also use the share button in the Eddie app to email, Tweet, Post your masterpiece to Facebook or keep a backup in iCloud Drive with just a tap.

Use Eddie’s Night Mode feature to darken the UI, text and keyboard to reduce strain on your eyes and improve focus when you are working late. With Eddie’s Auto Night Mode you will automatically be launched into the appropriate mode for the time of day.

Eddie documents are stored in the cloud which allows you to access them across all of your current devices and when you sign in on any new devices.

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